Who We Are

Thanks for taking the time to research our business. Advantage Auto started in 2004 when we purchased an existing business that had a history of dependable auto service since the 1950's. We spent the first 5 years in the original business location until we out grew it and moved to our present facility in 2009. Our present location has offed us the ability to add more services such as alignments and expanded tire sales and services.

Our goal is to keep your vehicle serviced and repaired in a timely manor. We schedule by appointment so we can get your vehicle back to you as soon as we are finished with it. We know your schedule is busy so the sooner we can you your wheels back to you, the better it is. Walk in service can only be accommodated if the schedule allows it.

Our standard procedure is to use high quality parts for both reliability and longer service performance. As with everything in life, “you get what you pay for,” and automobile service is no different. We are not overly aggressive when it comes to sales: the car needs what it needs when it shows up here. We don't like repairing junk, and we have no problem telling you when your vehicle is nearing the end of its safe and useful life and that you need to go shopping. If it is unsafe, we will tell you and you will need to decide what to do about it. We constantly report vehicle condition to our regular customers so they can plan for a newer mode of transportation when necessary. We try and minimize surprise failures as much as possible.

We are proud to allow Organized Kaos to use our facility for hands on trade experience for youth. There is an upcoming shortage of trades people so we feel that it is important to promote and allow youth to get a feel for what this trade can offer.

Our hours are Monday through Thursday 8 am through 5 pm, Fridays 8 am though 1:30 pm. We are closed for all statutory holidays. As everybody has found out by living through COVID-19, life is busy and stressful, and our staff needs and appreciates time off to unwind and refresh.